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One type of insect may have claws while another type of insect has a stinger. Regardless of what type of insect they are or how they bite you, getting your home infested with insects that eat your food and spread bacteria is never a fun thing to find. Time to call the exterminators!

If you are like many other people, your home and family may be dealing with annoying and resilient pests like earwigs, beetles, centipedes & millipedes, along with so much more!

Get expert exterminators to visit your home and provide you professionally customized pest control plans guaranteed to eliminate and prevent insects in your home with you and your families’ safety in mind.

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Exterminators should be called if you have insects in your home like silverfish, roaches, earwigs, gnats, & any other insect


Insects in a home are generally not considered dangerous. However, they can be quite an annoyance for patient parents or event hosts who get their backyard party ruined from unwanted pests who sting and bite. While most insects will only attack if provoked, some insects can carry a huge health risk for the pets in your home by transferring dangerous diseases and bacteria.

Nobody wants to find an earwig or beetle running out of their pantry when they open it. This is why we take such a huge priority in ensuring we have a detailed list of the pests that could be eating your food & home away and eliminate these pests all the way to their core. Some species of insects like the silverfish, moth, or cricket have the ability to eat away at the structural support materials of the home and can lead to serious (not to mention expensive) issues down the road.

Not all insects will eat your home away, spread diseases, or even bite people. But insects are keen survivalists and thrive in areas where they can breed. this can turn your home into a nesting ground that is sure to scare away local visitors and make cooking in the kitchen nearly impossible!

Want to know what insects could be crawling around in your home? Take a look below and read up on what to expect from three of the most common types of insects in OKC that could be living in your home right now!

Earwigs are one of the types of pests that the exterminators at Priority Pest will eliminate from your OKC home.


There was an old European myth that earwigs got their name by crawling into the ears of people while they were sleeping and lay eggs to start a nesting ground. While there is no scientific evidence backing this popular legend, earwigs do have a set of pinchers that can pose a powerful threat to your plants and garden life.

This species of insect is considered mostly harmless. However they do have the ability to pinch humans using their claws if picked up and provoked. Earwigs do not transfer venom nor carry diseases, but are considered by some to leave a painful pinching feel if they attack.

Earwigs feed on leaves, flowers, fruits, mold and other insects and prefer to live in dark, underground areas like lawns, tree trunks, and in between cracks in the walls of your house.


  • Length: 1 inch long
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Reproduction: 10-30 eggs every couple months
Centipedes are one of the types of pests that the exterminators at Priority Pest will eliminate from your OKC home.


Due to how fast they can move and their preference for living in dark, secluded areas, centipedes are rarely ever seen by humans in a home. Centipedes are very easy to recognize when seen however and carry a long, elongated body with the ability to have from 15 up to 177 pairs of legs!

Some centipedes, such as the Scolopendra, can bite and break the skin of humans when picked up, causing a very painful stinging sensation accompanied with redness around the area bitten, swelling, and trouble breathing.

Carrying a powerful bite and viscous venom, centipedes are never to be taken lightly and should always be taken care of by a certified exterminator.


  • Length: 1/8 – 6 inches long
  • Color: Yellowish to Dark Brown (can carry dark spots or stripes)
  • Reproduction: 35 eggs every couple of days
Kissing Bugs are one of the types of pests that the exterminators at Priority Pest will eliminate from your OKC home.

Kissing Bug

To humans, the Kissing Bug can be a very dangerous and sometimes fatal insect to have near you and your family. These bugs get their name for their unusual, but scary location they bite people, on the face.

While they usually only bite when provoked or are near a human, Kissing bugs can carry a parasite known as Trypanosoma Cruzi.

When bitten, a person will usually experience redness, swelling, and extreme pain around the affected area. However this is only the beginning.

The Kissing Bug defecates on people after feeding on their blood, which can transfer a life-threatening disease known as Chagas Disease. While not always fatal, Chagas disease can cause fevers, body aches, a rash, and swollen glands. So it is always important to take these pests as seriously as possible if they are seen near or in your home and get pest control services immediately.


  • Length: ¾ – 1 ¼ inches long
  • Color: Dark Brown to Black
  • reproduction: 600 eggs in 3-12 months


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  • Small Piles of Dirt– As insects come in and out of your home, many insects will leave small black dots or piles of dirt by the places they walked or used to enter your house. The crevices by floorboards, doors, windows, and broken foundation are popular paths for insects to use. Try to look out for areas they may be entering through.
  • Insect Sounds– Many insects species, like the earwig and moth, will make sounds that may sounds like squeaking, whining, or scurrying sounds. If you happen to hear these during the night or in specific areas, there may be a good chance there are insects already building a nesting ground in your home.
  • Damaged materials– Insects don’t just make a home inside the walls and floors of your house. Many will eat away at materials for food or shelter use and could lead to be the culprit of a damaged couch or broken cupboard. If you happen to see holes or cracks in places where they weren’t before, it may be a sign its time to call for pest control.
  • Egg Sacs – Earwigs, crickets, and a plethora of other insects tend to nest in an area and sit there for awhile to protect their young. But if you ever happen to run into a couple eggs during the day, there is a good chance you’ve got a pest infestation coming soon.



Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions strives to not only eliminate the insects in your home, but prevent them from ever coming back again. Which is why we make your home and families’ safety a top priority by providing ongoing, affordable, and effective pest control services, 24/7.

We recommend our homeowners to have their houses checked on a quarterly basis, with clear and professional help from one of our trusted and certified exterminators. You have the option of choosing to be either at-home or away while our experienced exterminators inspect the home and provide you a customized plan. This pest control plan will be designed specifically with the pest control services you need to make your home cleaner, safer, and protected from insects for many months to come.

And to make your job even easier, we promise to provide you with a FREE home consultation. We will be transparent and detailed with the quick, easy, and affordable insect extermination services your home needs. Because that’s what we call the “Oklahoma Standard.”

What You’ll Get:

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  • Clear and Concise Information From Industry Professionals
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Quarterly Home Inspections & Protection

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