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Termites: The Hidden Home Destroyers

They are small, they are virtually unnoticeable, and they may be eating you out of house and home … literally. In fact, you may not even know you have termites until it’s too late. Termites cost billions of dollars in property damages each year and even more to pick up after. Sure, you can spend your hard-earned money on DIY tools and sprays to exterminate termites, but, those methods will never solve the problem long term! Protect your family and home by taking action before termites become an issue with a solution that is proven to last all year long! At Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions, we offer a FREE home consultation, for preventative termite treatment or to fix a current problem! We keep the termites out of your home and wallet.

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Termites Eating Wood OKC
Termites Eating House

How to Detect If My Home Is Infested With Termites

Detecting Termites can be difficult. Oftentimes you won’t notice them until they have caused damage and that damage can cost you big bucks! Here in Oklahoma, termites are extremely active and found all over the state Signs of termites include piles of sawdust near cracks and holes in your home’s exterior walls, wood that sounds hollow and can be breached with pressure from a knife or screwdriver, seeing droppings that looks similar to sawdust, discarded termite wings littering your home, and sighting swarms of termites around your property.

Seeing the signs can be harrowing, but don’t panic, give Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions a call! We will talk to you directly to find the best termite treatment options for you and your home. Once you’ve decided on an action plan we will begin to exterminate these pests! We will also offer to make yearly stops to ensure the termite problem hasn’t resurfaced.


Singular Worker Termite

Worker Termites

The Worker Class makes up the largest portion of a termite colony population. They can be defined by their milky-white appearance. Worker termites repair the nest and tunnels connecting the colony to its food supply. They also groom and take care of nesting mates within the breeding class. They are responsible for much of the damage associated with termites.

2 Soldier Termites

Soldier Termites

The Soldier Class of termites are defined by their massive armored heads, enlarged pincers and orangish colored body. As you may guess, Soldier termites defend the colony from attack. Natural predators include ants, small bird types, bats, and other termites.

Singular Swarmer Termite

Swarmer Termites

The Swarmer Class of termites, also known as the reproductive class, are defined by a pair of transparent wings and generally dark brown torso. Swarmers generally appear late in the evening during summertime. During this time, Swarmer termites mate and often leave to begin their own colonies. If you see a large swarm of termites, it is generally a sign a large colony is nearby.

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Types of Termite Control

Turn to the Professionals For Termite Treatment

Do-It-Yourself termite treatment and prevention can only go so far. At Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions, we offer two types of termite treatments. We offer Bait Treatment and Liquid Treatment. Both are proven to be effective in termite treatment & protection for your home.


Bait Treatment

Bait Treatment is, as the name suggests, is used to trap termites before they enter your home and lure colonies out. This type of termite treatment is done by placing underground traps, filled with desirable woods types and deadly bait, around the home effectively luring the foraging termites. The Bait Treatment System is proven to kill off entire colonies and remain effective long term.


Liquid Treatment

Liquid Treatment is completed by digging a small trench around your home and filling it with Termiticide. This is the most common type of termite control. Much like Bait Treatment, this type of termite treatment serves to protect your home from termites. These small trenches are virtually unnoticeable and can also remain effective for many years.

Ready For Termite Treatment?

As homeowners ourselves, we understand the fear that comes with seeing the signs of termites. It can be scary! When you call Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions, not only will we share 10+ Years of hands-on pest control industry experience, but we will also share termite treatment options to help you get your home back to normal! We will always be the ones on the other end! No Robots, no selection menus, just us!  If we happen to miss your call, we will call you back ASAP! On top of that, we understand money can be tight, and that’s why we have lower prices than many of our competitors! Pest control shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! We are always transparent with our pest control services, and with our pricing, so you know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how much your pest control will cost. Building long-standing customer relationships and providing excellent service is the backbone of our business! Give Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions a call today!

OKC Termite Treatment

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