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Our Story at Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions


The Story Of Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions

Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions was founded in 2020 by brothers Chantz and Justin Cumley. We wanted our story of our business to be different. As veterans of the pest control industry, we saw too many things accepted as “industry standard” that just didn’t sit well with who we are and how we wanted to do business. Even the pest control companies we worked for and competed against, who we would describe as honest, still didn’t provide the customer service, attention to detail, and ongoing support for their clients that we feel is necessary to grow a business beyond just the bottom line and into a true corporate citizen.

We moved to Oklahoma City about nine years ago and feel like we’ve lived here our whole lives. This City and its people have welcomed us with open arms and we are incredibly proud to call ourselves Oklahomans. That’s why this job isn’t just about cashing checks for us. We want to build relationships with our customers so they know that their property is cared for and pest free, and that they always have someone to call when they have a concern. When you call, you’re getting directly to us. Because customer service should be personal. We have been blown away these past nine years by the Oklahoma Standard of what it means to take care of each other and we are honored to do our part

Our Story at Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions
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Why Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions

We love being local small business owners, especially here in OKC. Our experience allows us to tackle the biggest pest control challenges and provide world class service. Being family owned and operated allows us to be nimble and keep response times to a minimum as well as to keep a close eye on the details that separate a good experience from a great one. This allows us to make sure that each of our customers feel that we have exceeded their expectations. We’re a family here at Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions – literally. Which is an absolutely massive part of what this business means to us. We strive to leave a legacy here. And we know that to do that, we need to keep our Priorities straight. Oklahoma City is a growing city but it still has a wonderful small-town feel. We know that cutting corners to save a buck is absolutely the worst way to build a long-term business anywhere, especially in a city where word travels fast. We want you to not only be satisfied with our service, but feel confident to recommend us to your friends and family because you know us and know our hearts for service, integrity, and responsibility. With a name like Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions, we often get asked what our priorities are. Honesty, integrity, kindness, hard-work, and a job well done- are our priorities and are the things we want our customers to tell others when they ask for our story.

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What We Do

We have been lucky enough in our careers to have been able to provide pest control services for a multitude of businesses, industries, and families. We have enjoyed the challenges that come along with each one and were able to take those experiences as incredible learning opportunities as well as opportunities to cultivate lasting connections and relationships. Bugs and rodents aren’t exactly everyone’s favorite things to spend their time thinking about, but we truly love what we do. Each day is different for us at Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions. We have the opportunity to work outside, meet and help amazing people, and now as business owners we get to make sure that we’re doing things the right way. We value our roles in the community as pest control experts, not only providing the actual pest control service itself, but also by doing so safely and responsibly to protect our customers, their families, and their employees.

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