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As being in commercial pest control, this may come as a surprise. Ratatouille is one of our favorite Pixar movies. That little chef is impossible not to root for. And how he melted Peter O’Toole’s heart with a perfect plate just like Mom used to make? Gets us every time.

That being said, what we find endearing in an animated movie could be a real threat to the health and safety of your employees, customers, and the business itself.

We now live in a time where the cleanliness and sterility of a place of business is under more scrutiny than ever, but if you’re reading this page, you likely already know that. Which is why we are dedicated to making sure commercial pest control is one less thing to worry about. In fact, potentially millions of less things to worry about.

We have covered every industry imaginable during our time in pest control, including almost every major hospital in OKC. And we take that same level of clean-room care to every place of business we service. And not just places of business, but places of learning, places of dining, and places of worship as well. Places the good people of Oklahoma have their meals, make their memories, and lay their heads. Schools, daycares, churches, hotels, gyms, stadiums, shopping centers, doctors’ offices, storage warehouses, and the list goes on.

Whatever your business is, we’re in the business of keeping you in business by removing pests. Because let’s be honest, in real life, we would all be collectively calling for any restaurant run by rats to be closed immediately and with extreme prejudice.


Each of our pest control offerings begins with a thorough inspection of your property which serves several purposes. First, it allows us to get a complete understanding of your pest problems. We can see which pests are bothering your business, where they are coming from, and how they’re getting inside. Next, we’re able to check for conditions that could be contributing to pest infestations.

These are areas that will need to be addressed during service calls to prevent future problems.


Monthly Preventative Pest Control

Based on our inspection, we will go over our main areas of concern for your business and discuss how to best move forward with getting rid of any current problems on your property. Beyond this, we recommend our Monthly Preventative Pest Control program to keep your company free of mice, spiders, ants, crickets, earwigs, wasps, roaches, and more the whole year through. We always like to remind our customers that the best time to fix a pest problem is before it arises. So whether there is something specific for us to help you with today, or you are ready to prioritize prevention, it’s time to give us a call.


Pest Control For Commercial

Analysis, Monitoring & Prevention

We’re committed to creating long-term connections in the OKC Corporate Community. The Priority Pest & Mosquito Solution standard of service doesn’t end once we’ve completed our pest control treatment. Our customized service plans are fluid and can be adapted to meet the changing needs of your business. After the initial treatment has had time to take effect, our exterminators will revisit your service plan to determine if pest control treatments need to change or are no longer necessary. Throughout the entirety of your time with us, we will continually revisit your plan and modify it as needed. These updates, as well as subsequent service visits, will take place on a schedule that suits you. For some, this may be as frequent as once a week. For others, it may be on a quarterly basis.

Protecting your Products, Property, and People is our top Priority, so let’s Partner together to Put your Pests in the Past.

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