Mole and Gopher Control

Mole and Gopher Control

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Nothing is worse than a twisted ankle or unattractive lawn because of a mole and gopher problem. While DIY methods, like traps and ground bombs, only work in the short-term, using a pest control professional can eliminate these ground pests once and for all.

Take back your lawn and get rid of all those holes by eliminating the pests from the inside out. Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions uses the industries’ top pest control methods for a fast, safe, and effective mole and gopher removal process.

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A fresh gopher mound okc

Look for these mole and gopher signs in your yard


  • Dirt Holes– As they create their homes and move about, moles and gophers will leave mounds of dirt on the top of the surface near an entrance to a tunnel. This is a good sign they are creating faster and easier ways to travel underground.
  • Tunnels of Dirt– Similar to many other insect eating animals, moles and gophers use an underground tunnel built with their claws to move around quicker and more efficiently. This could be a good sign they have a system setup and are already beginning to breed.
  • Soft Spongy Parts In Yard– The tunnels they create are usually not very stable and can appear to feel like soft, mushy ground when accidently stepping on one. To test if a hole has mole & gophers actively using it, cover the hole up and wait a day. If it has a hole again the next day, the hole is actively being utilized by a family of rodents.
  • Plant & House Damage – Long-term and expensive damage is commonly caused by these yard pests as they search for food and travel around. If you happen to see damaged pipelines, dead grass and plants, or chewed up marks on your property, it may be time to get help from someone who can give year-round protection.

Moles, gophers, voles: which one is it?

black ground mole in OKC


While many people believe the mole is a rodent, this interesting yard pest is actually an insectivore that primarily feeds from underground insects it can find while digging.

They usually look black or dark brown with small eyes, long claws, and smooth hair. Moles are capable of looking for food and digging underground and can dig about 1 foot per minute, making this yard pest an annoying visitor that damages grass, flowerbeds, pipelines, and more in a short time period.

As they move out and about, moles will leave “runways” of lines on the surface of your grass that will feel soft and spongy when stepping on them.

To check if moles are actively using these runways in your yard, step on until it is flattened all the way and wait a day. If it has returned to its originally shape within 24 hours, it is actively being used by one or more yard pests.

Gopher Eating In OKC


Gophers are by far, the largest of these yard pests and because of that, are known to be capable of much more damage to grass patches, broken pipelines, and plant life than their mole/vole counterparts.

Most gopher activity is known to be in the spring through fall when they will burrow near the surface of the ground, looking for any food available.

Looking similar to a large version of a squirrel, these relentless yard pests carry long snouts, buck teeth, and a light-brown or tan coat of fur. Large black eyes and long claws can be seen being utilized by them to dig and catch food.

As they make their homes underground, gophers will push dirt to the outside of exit holes in your yard to make room for more space. These generally look like cone-shaped mounds with a larger radius than mole holes and can go down to 6 feet deep!

A Vole in OKC


Similar to moles, the yard vole is also known to create runways through the surface of your grass as they travel to and from. However this is where many similarities between them end.

Generally, voles will look like bigger versions of mice and carry a light brown or reddish-brown coat of fur. They carry a short snout with big, black eyes and are very fast, so trying to catch them is fruitless.

Voles prefer to tunnel a few feet below the surface near leafy and plant life areas, keeping them on the surface for the most part, unlike moles who prefer to dig deep underground.

Because of the fact that they prefer plants and leafy areas, voles will typically begin to attack gardens, trees, shrubs, and plant roots for food. This has been regularly known to cause long-term damage and kill a garden in less than one month!

when mole and gopher diy methods don’t work


We know the struggle of never getting DIY methods to work in the long run. What are supposed to be quick and easy methods like traps, bombs, and spray only work for so long before they come back even stronger. And with yard pests and their ability to detect people through scent alone, catching these pests may be more difficult than it sounds without some help. Which is why we make your home and families’ safety a top priority by providing ongoing, affordable, and effective pest control support, 24/7.

We recommend our homeowners to have their houses checked on a quarterly basis, with clear and professional help from one of our trusted and certified pest control experts. You have the option of choosing to be either at-home or away while our experienced team members inspect the home and provide you a customized plan. Your plan will be designed specifically with the pest control services you need, to make your home cleaner, safer, and protected from moles & gophers for many months to come.

And to make your job even easier, we commit to providing quick, easy, and affordable mole & gopher elimination/prevention services for your plan, with a FREE home consultation. Because that’s what we call the “Oklahoma Standard.”


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