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Home pest issues tend to be something average homeowners never think about until they are dealing with the issue themselves. With a new season just around the corner and more invasive species piling up in your home by the day, residential pest control can seem like an expensive & big investment when bill stacks are high and money is tight. But is it worth it? Absolutely. Especially if you plan on staying in your home for the long run. 

Not only will you have a safer and cleaner home for you and your family but you’ll be saving money down the road for those much bigger and more important purchases (like that barbeque grill you’ve been looking at!) Let’s take a look at why residential pest control may be worth your time and money this year for your pest control solution.

Cleaner & Safer Home

Residential Pest Control Provides Fewer Sicknesses, Less Danger, & More Fun

Did you know that insects and other various pests cause over 500,000 hospitalization cases a year? That’s half a million people every year going to the ER due to something as little as an insect bite in their home. Many home pests like termites, fleas, roaches, rodents, and more feed off the materials of your home on a regular basis, using them to create new home additions or nesting areas that are guaranteed to slowly deteriorate the structural integrity of your home. For example, termites alone cost Americans an average of $5 Billion in home damage repairs a year!

Over time, illnesses, diseases, and other ailments are a common threat that can result in some serious medical bills no homeowner wants to deal with. Mosquitos, termites, fleas, and bed bugs are all known to carry a wide list of harmful and sometimes even fatal medical conditions that are transmitted just through a bite skin contact alone. These include popular but harmful illnesses like Malaria, Black Plague, Lyme Disease, and West Nile Virus. 

Residential Pest Control Has Proven, Effective Results

Satisfaction Guaranteed, Unlike DIY Methods

We can’t blame homeowners for attempting the DIY route first when fixing their pest control issues. Sometimes, you can fix the problem yourself. But don’t make the mistake many others choose and think that’s the end of the road for you there. Home pests are resilient little creatures and will do anything to make a living inside of your home, eating whatever they can find in their vicinity and reproduce so fast that not even rabbits can keep up.  

As a customer of Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions, you get to take advantage of over 10 years of industry experience through our highly-trained OKC experts. Effective and proven results are a satisfactory promise from the Priority family. Spraying for pests using nothing but the highest of quality solutions to ensure that your home is 100% clean, safe, and free from all those annoying pests that were ruining that family dinner or backyard game night. 

Bigger Savings Down The Road

Eliminate Home Damage, Save For What’s Important

We’ve all been through the occasional pest run-in when walking through our home. And while those small signs of fecal droppings or that hole in the wall don’t seem like too big of a deal now, plenty of home pests are capable of causing up to thousands of dollars in-home repairs before they’re even noticed or taken care of. While DIY methods may seem like the top money-saving option at the time, many homeowners lack the expertise, experience, and time needed to deal with home pests that may fight back, like wasps, beetles, and spiders as well as other insect pests that come back when the spray has worn off. 

Final Thought On Residential Pest Control

Top Oklahoma City Pest Removal & Prevention Service

So we’ve shown the fact that professional pest control keeps your home safer from threatening home invaders as well as cleaner from droppings and other dirt left behind. By having Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions manage your home pest control, you get an affordable OKC service offering proven satisfactory results, quick removal, and all with helpful advice & support from industry enthusiasts who do pest control best. Overall, it could be what makes or breaks your home and its lifetime for the future to come. 

Protect Your Home & Family Now!

Residential Pest Control Solutions Made For Your Home

Stop worrying about the safety and health integrity of your home. Call Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions at 405-827-0060 and speak with one of our pest experts to get information on what pest control services can make your house a pest-free home again. Or, if you prefer, you can send us an email

We look forward to protecting your home from all those pests soon!


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