The Three P’s of Preventative Mosquito Control

We get why people ask it. “Why would I get preventative mosquito control? Is it even worth my money?” There’s a ton of answers to this but I’ll give you the short one. Oklahoma City was rated as one of the worst U.S cities for mosquitos. Not Dallas, not Miami, but Oklahoma City for the most amount of mosquitoes. We could go on about all the reasons why but we’ll make it simple for you by using what we call our “three P’s” of preventative control. Protection, prevention, and pleasure.  


Any Pests. Any time.

Over one million people die a year from mosquitos alone! Deadly and life-threatening diseases are commonly transmitted to humans that cause severe allergic responses. The Zika virus, West nile virus, and Dengue have been known to commonly be found in mosquitos and other various insects. 

While not all symptoms are deadly, getting bit by a mosquito during your night off and having to deal with that constant itch and swelling is never fun. Diseases and illnesses are never to be taken lightly, which is why we take such serious precautions in ensuring our Oklahoma homeowners are safe and sound, all year long. 


Monthly Visits

We have people regularly ask us if monthly visits are “actually” required. The short answer is, yes. There are some preventative things you can do to help prevent mosquitos but these tips only go so far. Many people try to avoid the process of calling a professional and make their attempt at “DIY” and mosquito repellent methods for a similar solution to their mosquito dilemma. The only problem is, you’re only covered for so long with these “cheat-sheet” work-arounds. Not only do many of these methods not even work but some solutions even require using highly dangerous chemicals to have around your home and family. Getting regular visits from an industry expert who knows exactly what your home needs is the best method for removing them completely.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Mosquito-Free

We are so confident in our mosquito repellent expertise that we promise satisfaction guaranteed results for prevention all year-round, if you’re getting monthly visits. We’ll put it even simpler, if you were to get your home checked just once every three months, you could be saving you and your family from over 5 different viruses, thousands of dollars in medical bills, and countless hours of annoyance. Monthly preventative mosquito control doesn’t sound that bad now, does it?


A Safer Home For Enjoyment

You work hard for your home. So you should be able to use it freely. OKC has some of the worst mosquito problems in the country, but that shouldn’t stop you from jumping in that pool or taking that nice long tan you’ve been wanting to fit in your schedule. We promise to use nothing but the most certified and reliable mosquito control solutions so your backyard and patio is safe to be around for all members and ages. 

A Cleaner Home For Living

Mosquitos are known to drop feces, food, disbanded wings, and various other disgusting things around your home as they move out and about. Getting regular checkups is the best way to know exactly what could be causing that enormous build-up of dirt and grime around your windowsill or door. 

So, Is Preventative Mosquito Control Worth It?

So why bother in getting preventative mosquito control? Three things. You’ll be protected. Diseases, fevers, itchy bites, all of it taken care of by an industry professional using the best products for your personal protection plan. Gone are all the days of setting up mosquito traps and nets in your backyard and patio.

Second, you’ll be preventing mosquitoes from coming back to your house for the entire year. The products and plan we develop for your specific home are designed to keep those pesky mosquitos away on a monthly basis, so you only have to get a check-up once every three months. 

And finally, you’ll be able to enjoy your house the way it was meant to be enjoyed. That’s right. Go throw that house party. Stay up late on the patio with your favorite short-sleeved shirt. And keep a cleaner home along with it using our simple & safe spray chemicals that will ensure mosquitos never leave dirt & grime tracks again.

Ready To Protect Your Home & Family?

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