Did you know, 50% – 75% of Oklahoma buildings risk having termites within 10 years if not treated? Termites are extremely active in Oklahoma, which is why many homeowners opt to treat their home with a liquid or bait termite treatment even if they don’t have a problem. Treating your home BEFORE there is a problem will save you money in the long run, and save you a massive headache.


How Do You Prevent Termite Damage?

Preventing termite damage is FAR LESS of a hassle than cleaning up an infestation. At Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions, we prevent termites with either bait or liquid treatments. Once you decide you want to move forward with securing your home from termites, you can give us a call and speak directly to Chantz or Justin. You won’t have to go through a recorded line or wait a long time to speak with someone. We will talk about the size of your home and what type of treatment is best for your home. Once the best plan of action is decided, we will come to your home and perform the treatment. As soon as we’re done, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected from termites! As a safety precaution, we will come back once a year to make sure there is absolutely no sign of termites.


What’s The Difference Between Bait & Liquid Termite Treatment?

The main difference between bait and liquid treatment is that one treatment uses bait stations to draw termites to the station and the other creates a barrier around the entire structure. Both forms of termite protection are extremely effective.

Bait Termite Treatment

Bait termite treatment is very effective at preventing termites from colonizing in your home. When you opt for this type of treatment, “bait stations” are placed underground around your home to lure termites to the station as they are foraging. The goal here is to catch the termites before they enter your home. The bait station consists of wood that termites love, a few other elements, and bait that kills termites. The underground bait stations are slow acting but wide spread. This type of treatment will easily kill off an entire colony of termites and can last a lifetime if they remain undamaged and maintained. 

Liquid Termite Treatment

Liquid termite treatment has the same goal of bait termite treatment – to eliminate termite activity and prevent colonies from entering your home. This type of treatment does not include bait stations. Instead, we will dig a small trench around the structure you want to protect, and fill the trench with Termicide. The trenches are small and will protect all entry points.


Why You Should Protect Your Home From Termites

We understand that sometimes it’s hard to invest in something when you don’t have an immediate need for it. Calling Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions for a termite service may not be on your top list of things to do if you don’t physically see any termites, but let us tell you – fixing termite damage is FAR more of a headache versus preventing it. Here are some examples of termite damage:

  • Termites can destroy anything wood in your home
  • Termites can eat through your personal items like books, swimming pool liners, and more
  • Subterranean termite colonies (the most popular in Oklahoma) can eat up to one pound of wood per day
  • Termite damage can go years unnoticed, leaving a large, unexpected surprise that could cost you thousands of dollars
  • Plan on selling your home in the future? Termite damage can really slow down the process of selling

Signs of Termite Damage:

  • Visually seeing swarms of termites, especially in the Spring
  • A hollow sound when you tag your wall
  • Mud tunnels on your porch or other above ground places
  • Visible maze-like patterns in wood
  • Dirt on the wall where their bodies have come in contact with soil
  • Small entry holes where the termites have created tunnels
  • Painted walls that bubble and peel


Why Choose Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions

As a locally owned company with over 10 years of hands-on industry experience, we know how to get the job done right. Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions was started because we knew that pest control companies could be operated BETTER. With this notion, we will provide a service that stands out above all other businesses in our industry. You are human and therefore should be treated like one so we don’t send our customers to an answering service – we answer the phone directly. If we miss a call, we will call you back ASAP. Our rates are lower than most companies because we don’t think you should have to pay an arm and a leg for pest control. Our business and our services are transparent so you can trust that you are getting exactly what you are paying for. If there is a problem that we didn’t correct the first time, we will come right back out to remedy the issue. We are strong believers in customer service and building relationships. Let us show you how we can protect your house, and do it with a smile. Contact us today!


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