Mice/Mouse In Your Home

Mice may look cute but they sure don’t act the part. This nasty litter critter can literally eat you out of house and home. They’ll nibble through walls, wires, cords, furniture, and of course, the food in your pantries! That’s a lot of destruction for something so small! So what is the deal with mice? What kind of risks do they pose? What are the signs they may be in your home? How do you prevent them? These are all great questions that we want to help you with!

Risks That Mice Pose

A typical house mouse can pose a huge threat to your family’s health. Mice can carry and spread over 30 different kinds of diseases and over 150 types of pathogens to humans in a multitude of ways. In regards to the home, the most likely way will be through contaminated foods and interaction with droppings or urine. If you get bitten by a mouse, you should see a trained medical professional for help.

Mice will eat almost anything. This also means they can eat through almost anything. These impacts can range from leaky pipes to holey walls, even electrical fires! That’s right, a mouse can burn your house down! According to the Illinois Dept. of Public Health, as much as 25% of fires reported as “Unknown Cause” could be caused by mice or other rodents.

Another risk mice pose is their ability to reproduce very quickly. A single female mouse can spawn up to 150 offspring in as little as a year! Females are also able to reproduce as quickly as two months after birth. That can be overwhelming very quickly!

Signs of a Mouse In Your House

Do you ever open up a cupboard and see tiny brown specs? Chances are those aren’t chocolate sprinkles and you may in fact be dealing with a mice infestation. While mouse droppings are a tell-tale sign they aren’t the only thing to be on the lookout for. On top of droppings, mice also produce a strong ammonia-like smell. This smell will linger near the site of the nest. Nests are another thing to look out for. These will often be found in dark, secluded places like behind large pieces of furniture, in ceilings, roofs, and even under floorboards. Another thing to look out for is the sounds of scratching. This will happen at or near nests as a sign of mating and feeding and will more than likely happen at night time. This may sound like a horror movie, but in reality, mice, as mentioned above can be so much worse!

How To Clean Up After Mice

If you do notice these signs in your home, it’s always a good idea to slip on some cleaning gloves, strap on a mask and go though your kitchen and other infected areas and start the cleaning process. You may want to reach for a vacuum or broom, but these can cause the bacteria to spread around your home even further. Instead, spray the infected area with a disinfectant and wait for it to set before you wipe the area down. Any food that has been around the infected area should be trashed as well.

Paper towels, masks, gloves, and committed food should be taken to an outside garbage receptacle immediately. In the event you find a dead mouse, you should take the same precautions and immediately dispose of the critter.

How To Prevent A Mouse Infestation

Mice will typically find their way into your home from the months of October to February looking for food, water, and warmth. So how do you keep them from eyeing your home for their holiday get-away? Preventing Mice isn’t always as easy. But, keeping a clean home can be a great first step! This includes keeping dry food in airtight containers, regularly taking out the trash, and not leaving food out in the open.

Checking the exterior of your home for ports of entry can also help lower the chances of rodent roommates. Caulking around holes where wire and pipes enter the home will further eliminate entry points.

Time For Mice Pest Control

As the cool of fall begins to take over Oklahoma, now is a good time to begin to take preventive measures. However, even the cleanest homes can receive a visit from these small, furry critters. Trap and baits can become expensive and won’t always solve your issue long-term. Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions are here to help you before, during, or after your rodent invasion! We offer cost-effective methods to prevent and stop mice before your problem gets out of hand. We don’t just get rid of the issue, we keep it from happening again by offering ongoing services and quarterly inspections to keep you and your home safe.

The Experts At Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions

At Priority Pest and Mosquito Solution, we offer top-of-class customer care and support! With over 10 years in the industry, we offer our knowledge and skills to you with guaranteed results! We pride ourselves in our continued commitment to ongoing, affordable, and effective pest control to OKC and the surrounding communities! Call today for a customized plan that’ll fit your needs!

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