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Kill Ants & The Colony At Its Roots

Ants are capable of creating colonies that can hold up to millions of members. With the cost of damages that could arise when pests are never handled, it’s common knowledge for any homeowner or renter who cares about their property to prepare for and kill ant colonies before they become an even bigger issue.

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an ant hole with two ants crawling out of the dark space

Are Ant Colonies Dangerous?


Although they tend to be more of an annoyance than anything else. When left unchecked, ants can do serious damage by destroying your house structures, spreading bacteria, biting people when threatened, and even cause severe allergic reactions to you or your family members.

Some species of ants, like the “Fire Ant,” have been known to infest areas of a home and short-circuit vital electronic wiring throughout the walls and ceilings. More common property damage issues include cases where ant holes form in a backyard, quickly killing nearby gardens and plant-life by burying them with dirt for their homes and disturbing important root structures near your gardens and trees. This is why you need to kill ants quickly.

Most ant bites are considered non-dangerous for humans. However, a few stings from a “Fire Ant” or a “Harvester Ant” will have any grown man shedding a tear or two! Common side effects from these types of ant species have been known to cause severe swelling, intense sharp or dull pain in the area bitten, nausea, blistering, and in some cases for those who are allergic, death.

Want to know more on what types of ant colonies could be growing in your home? Take a look below and get quick information on what to expect from three of the most common types of ants in Oklahoma City that could be living secretly in your home!

Fire Ants OKC

Fire Ants

Favoring warm, sunny areas to build their homes, Fire Ants will build underground mound homes that are capable of housing up to several hundred thousand ants in a given area.

Fire Ant stings contain a venomous poison that is known to cause an “intense burning” with common side effects including severe sweating, nausea, excessive itching, red bumps, and white pustules.


  • Length: 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch long
  • Color: Dark or Bright Red
  • Fertilization Period: 7-10 days (12 dozen eggs each)
Carpenter Ants Chewing On A Log

Carpenter Ants

Due to their much larger size, these ants are much more easy to recognize from similar species. Carpenter Ants are notorious for building nests and colonies in wooden materials that can include the structural support for your home’s walls, flooring, and ceiling.

Did you know a Carpenter Ant can spray special chemicals into the wounds of its enemies to make their stings more painful?


  • Length: ½-inch to 1-inch long
  • Color: Black or Red/Yellow
  • Fertilization Period: 6-12 weeks
Ants On A Stick

Field Ants

Also known as “Red Ants” or “Thatching Ants,” this type of species will commonly create their so-called “network” of housing by excavating the dirt in your front/back lawn. Typically these mounds of dirt will appear near trees, shrubs, and fences.

While this species generally only attacks when absolutely necessary, a bite from a field ant is usually described as a lingering painful sensation that will leave red, itchy spots around the bite area.


  • Length: 1/8-3/8 inch long
  • Color: Pale Yellow to Reddish Brown or Black
  • Fertilization Period: 42-63 days

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Common Signs of Ants In Your Home


  • You See A Couple Of Ants– It may seem obvious, but one thing many don’t know is that ants leave a pheromone trail everywhere they walk. Running into a small group of ants one day could be a sign for nearby colonies being built in the walls or floor of your home.
  • Front/Backyard Dirt Mounds– Some species of ants, like the “Field Ant”, prefer to create nesting grounds using the excavated dirt in your front or backyard. Make sure to look closely for ants moving in or out next time you see one. P.S, be safe when doing this!
  • Hollow Sounds In Wooden Beams– Ever knocked on a floorboard or wooden beam in your home and heard a hollow thud? Some species of ants, such as the “Carpenter Ant”, will eat from the inside-out in the wooden structures of your house to create colonies.
  • Sawdust Trails – Similar to termites, Carpenter Ants and similar species of its kind can create “sawdust trails” by burrowing themselves into the wooden structure of your home. Be sure to check for piles of sawdust near wooden beams, window ledges, stairs, and wood flooring.
  • Discarded or “Abandoned” Wings – Ants can fly too! Make sure to look out for discarded wings on the floors and sills by windows, doors, or any other openings that lead outside. While this occurrence is more rare than the previously stated signs, exterminators can use the wings of ants to determine what kind of species you may be dealing with so that they can better treat your home.

Prevent & Kill Ants Effortlessly

Sit back and relax while our professional exterminators kill ants using the top products and methods to keep your home safe. Priority Pest & Mosquito was founded on the belief that ongoing, consistent, and helpful support is what keeps our customer’s homes safe and as easy of a process for you and your family.

We recommend our homeowners to have their houses checked on a quarterly basis, with clear and professional help from one of our trusted and certified pest control experts who are know how to kill ants. You have the option of choosing to be either at-home or away while our experienced exterminators inspect the home and provide you a customized plan designed specifically to pinpoint what pest control services are needed to make your home cleaner, safer, and protected for many months to come.

Best part about all of this? You don’t have to lift a finger to kill ants! Quick, easy, and affordable ant extermination services for your home. Because that’s what we call the “Oklahoma Standard.”


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