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A bee sting happens at the worst and most inconvenient of times. You’ll be grilling up some steaks for the family when all of the sudden, ZAP! You just got stung by an angry and territorial wasp who wants to claim your backyard for themselves. Now you’re forced to kill wasps before they kill your BBQ.

Nobody wants to deal with the lingering pain and other symptoms that come with a wasp stings. Not to mention, these annoying little pest will make enjoying your lawn this season seem impossible without getting attacked!

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A closeup of bees on a nesting hive
Wasps & Hornets are very territorial pests so you need to kill wasps & hornets as soon as possible to prevent an infestation.

Wasps & Hornets Are Dangerous Intruders


Not only are wasps & hornets a home nuisance for any average homeowner, wasps are notorious for having the ability to attack multiple times using their powerful stingers and potent venom. Unlike honey bees, losing their stinger or even stinging a person will not kill wasps off. Many people have been know to have allergic reactions to this venom, resulting in severe and life-threatening symptom conditions.

Some species of wasps, such as the Paper wasp, are given their name due to the damage they cause when creating their homes. They tend to eat away at soft and malleable materials for their homes. This can range from that brand new patio set you bought last week, to the wooden fencing surrounding your yard, and even the facia boards on your house. Over time, this damage can result in expensive repairs as well as large hornet & wasp colonies that will pose much bigger problems down the road.

But wasps & hornets do more than just cause damage to all your favorite furniture and plants. Up to 5% of the human population is known to have life-threatening allergic reactions to the venom of these intruders, including anaphylactic shock. It is highly common for young kids to get stung and have severe symptom reactions due to their age and health.

Curious on the types of wasps & hornets that could be invading your lawn and family this season? Take a look below and read up on what to expect from three of the most common types of wasp & hornet species in Oklahoma City that could be infesting your yard today!

Common Types Of Wasps & Hornets Around OKC

kill wasps & yellow jackets

Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets have been a widely-disliked species of wasps, and for good reason. Unlike their bee counterparts, Southern Yellow Jackets are capable of stinging multiple times when they feel that their hive is being threatened.

Due to their highly social nature, Yellow Jackets are a common pest to find flying around your back and front yard. As they are very territorial, they will attack when they feel their territory is invaded. They can be found near live insects, foraging around picnic tables, and buzzing above garbage cans looking for materials.

Getting close to a Yellow Jacket hive is considered highly dangerous due to a potent venom that is in their stingers. When stung by this species, the victim can experience symptoms including pain (most common) and in extreme cases coughing, wheezing, breaking out in hives, dizziness, vomiting, and anaphylactic shock.

If you find a hive, it is highly recommended for homeowners to avoid it at all costs and contact an exterminator immediately to kill wasps.

  • Length: 1/2 to 3/4 inches long
  • Color: Yellow and Black Striped
  • Reproduction: 1,000-5,000 adults



A Bald-Faced Hornet In OKC

Bald-Faced Hornets

Bald-Faced Hornets are easy to recognize due to their unique color patterns and above-the-ground nesting designs. It is frequently common to see worker hornets flying around the nest to protect the hive from nearby intruders.

The stingers of this type of hornet carries a painful venom that can cause extreme pain, itching, and swelling for up to 24 hours. Similar to yellow jackets, these hornets has the ability attack multiple times if they feel threatened.

Typically, Bald-Faced Hornets can be found building nests 3 feet or higher above the ground using chewed plant materials around your home. Places like trees, shrubs, utility poles, sheds, and other various structures are optimal locations to find a nest growing. Contacting a pest control company to kill hornets will increase your chances of stopping them from coming back.


  • Length: 3/4 to 1 inch long
  • Color: Black and White
  • Colony Size: 200 to 700 adults (large colony)
Kill wasps in OKC like Paper Wasps

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps get their name by chewing up any available wood fiber that they can take from the plants in your garden, trees, or shrubs. Their nests are usually easily recognizable by the cone-shaped nest designs they make when starting a new colony.

Because of the fact that their habitats are fragile and weak, queen wasps for this species will tend to build their nesting grounds in places that will remain undisturbed. This includes places such as doorways, eaves, doorframes, tree limbs, and thick vegetation.

Paper Wasps are very territorial and will sting anybody who comes near a nesting grounds. These wasps have the ability of attacking their targets multiple times with venom that is capable of causing sweating, trouble breathing, extreme pain, and swelling. In some cases, depending on the victim’s allergic reactions, can be fatally life-threatening.

  • Length: 3/4 inches long
  • Color: Yellow, Brown, Red, and/or Black
  • Colony Size: 20-75 adults


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If you are seeing nests on the roofline edges of your home, it's time to kill wasps & kill hornets or their colony will grow.

Signs Of A Hornet or Wasp Infestation


  • You Notice A Couple Flying Around– Wasps are known to be very social creatures. When out and about, looking for sweets to consume or materials to use for their shelter, you may notice one or two zipping past you one day. When noticing this, take a look around the cracks and dark areas of your home (eg. sheds, fences, etc.) to see if there are any wasp nests you can see forming.
  • Fallen Wings– As they mature through their life cycles, wasps lose their wings by getting attacked from other aggressive species and growing new ones for the next stage of life. If you can identify a wing as a wasp wing, it may be time to start getting a thorough look through your home.
  • Forming Nests– Some are made with chewed up wood they can find while others are made from the plants found around the area. Whatever it may be, seeing a nest forming in your home is a good sign its time to call an exterminator for safe and fast removal.
  • Buzzing Sounds – It’s not all the time that you’ll be able to see the signs of these home intruders. If you happen to be in a room or your backyard and can the buzzing of a wasp group, this is always a sign that a colony is growing quickly!

Kill Wasps At Your Home All Year Long


If you happen to see paper wasps or yellow jackets or even hornets in or around your home, it’s important to remember that these uninvited pests may be feeding off of other insects (like flies) that could be infesting the inside of your home. Exterminating wasps & hornets is your best bet to fighting off other insect infestations such as ants, termites, bed bugs, flies, and more.

Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions strives to not only to kill wasps & hornets in your home, but prevent them from ever coming back again. Which is why we make your home and families’ safety a top priority by providing ongoing, affordable, and effective pest control services, 24/7.

We recommend our homeowners to have their houses checked on a quarterly basis, with clear and professional help from one of our trusted and certified pest control experts. You have the option of choosing to be either at-home or away while our experienced exterminators inspect the home. We will provide you a customized plan, designed specifically with the pest control services you need, to make your home cleaner, safer, and protected from wasps and hornets for many months to come.

And to make your job even easier, we promise to provide you with a FREE home consultation. We will be transparent and detailed with easy and affordable wasp extermination services your home needs. Because that’s what we call the “Oklahoma Standard.”


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