How To Bite Back The Mosquitos


The beginning of warmer weather means one thing to Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions, and that is infestations of mosquitos are on the rise! Mosquitoes love moisture, and they hate being under the midday sun. A single mosquito can lay 100 eggs at a time. Imagine how many eggs are getting laid when you see a swarm of these pests! Controlling the population of these pests can be difficult, so it’s important to get ahead of the problem by starting some preventative measures. This is why Oklahoma City mosquito prevention is a service that you should consider

Let’s talk about what you can do to halt mosquito habitats and stop the swarm before it even has a chance to establish itself around your home. 


Standing Water = Mosquitoes Stand a Chance


Take a second and look out into your yard for us. Do you see any buckets, bowls, bottles, or boots? How about tarps, tents, tires, or tins? How about above your windows, have you thought about the last time those gutters were cleaned?

The list could go on forever but if you see anything that could even possibly hold at least a bottle cap’s worth of stagnant water, it needs to be taken care of. Standing water sends the message of “welcome home, make yourself comfortable” to mosquitos. Disposing this stagnant water and scrapping those items will play a key part in your attempt to live mosquito free. Oklahoma City mosquito prevention starts here.

Now, let’s say you have items in your yard that you can’t throw away. For example: bird baths, flower pots, rain barrels or water bowls for your pets. For these, the best thing you can do will be to make sure you are frequently replacing the water. You want to make sure you’re replacing the water at least once a week since this impedes on mosquito breeding processes. 


Pools Produce Pests


Pools and ponds must be maintained to help prevent mosquitos. Staying on schedule for water treatments and having filters properly installed all help to ensure your pool is running smoothly. A running pool means no standstill water, and no standstill water means no more multiplying mosquitos. If you plan on keeping your pool cover on until later, then let this serve as a reminder to keep that cover tight and dry on top! Uncovered pools hinder Oklahoma City mosquito prevention efforts.

Oklahoma City Mosquito Prevention In Yards

When it comes to your ponds, adding a water fountain will help get a move on that stagnant body of water. Having a constant flow of water will prevent the pests from breeding. If that isn’t possible, then we suggest minnows. Minnows feed on the larvae of mosquitoes and are a more natural method of controlling pest population. You’ll also want to make sure the grass is trimmed and foliage is under control because these pesky pests like to hide in grassy messes.


Dressing for Defense at Dawn or Dusk


Those bothersome pests we call mosquitoes are the most active during the beginning and end of the day. If you must be outside during this time, we suggest you wear loose fitted clothing that limits the amount of exposed skin. For babies you will want to keep their arms, legs and heads covered to prevent any mosquitoes from biting them. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that we all wear some amount of mosquito repellant to protect ourselves and loved ones from the dangerous and harmful diseases these pests can carry. They can also carry parasites that could harm your furry animals! 

To build a wall of defense for your home, switch out any outside lighting with yellow “bug lights.” Mosquitoes are insects and as we all know, insects are attracted to light. The biggest difference bug lights can provide are the wavelengths that it emits. These wavelengths repel insects like mosquitoes, which may provide you the peace of mind you need before the summer begins.


Mosquito Specialists


There are just a few tips for Oklahoma City mosquito prevention. At the end of the day, our experts understand that it can be hard to decide which household chores might need to go into the hands of a professional. We also understand that it can be difficult to trust others to do their job when you’re allowing them into your home. However, the best preventative step to help stop mosquitoes and the highest standard of care is found at Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions. We know how to deal with mosquitoes in Oklahoma and keep them from coming to your house. This job isn’t just about cashing checks for us. We want to build relationships with our customers so they know that their property is cared for and pest free, and that they always have someone to call when they have a concern. And when you call, you’re getting directly to us.

Priority Pest and Mosquito Services was founded in 2020 by brothers Chantz and Justin Cumley. As veterans of the pest control industry, we wanted to raise the “industry standard” by providing exceptional service to their community. We believe that customer service should be personal. With a name like Priority Pest and Mosquito Services, we often get asked what our priorities are. And honesty, integrity, kindness, hard-work, and a job well done- all those things are very high on the list. But our number one Priority is simple.

Priority Pest After Preventing Mosquitoes



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