It is never fun to have pesky little rodents or insects lurking in or around your home. If you come across one of these pests, you should not be embarrassed because we have all experienced something similar to your problem before. As a homeowner it is one of those annoying things that life may throw at you, but Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions is here to help. We are a full-service Pest Control company, with over 10 years of experience ranging from houses to hotels and mosquitoes to moles. If you are in need of pest control services, but are scared it is going to cost you an arm and a leg, we are here to break down the potential costs of a few pest control services that are common to the greater OKC area. These prices are average prices amongst pest control companies around OKC. Many different companies charge different exterminator prices, but here at Priority Pest we keep prices affordable! 

Ant Removal Costs

Ummm I think there are ants in my pants!!! Haha I am just kidding, but seriously that would be awful! Ants can create colonies that hold up to millions of members which is why you will see them everywhere if they colonize inside of your home. Not only are they annoying, they can cause some serious damage to your property. If left unchecked, they can destroy housing structures, spread bacteria, and even cause allergic reactions if bitten by one. 

A few signs of ants in your home would be, spotting a few groups of ants here and there, small dirt mounds in your yard, hollow sounds in wooden beams, sawdust trails, or shredded wings. We recommend being on the lookout for these things whenever you are walking around your house, it is better to be safe than sorry! If you are unsure of what exactly to look for, you can find pictures and details about specific ants here

Sit back and relax while our industry professionals use the top products and methods to keep your home safe. All homes are different sizes and have different needs, that is why we offer FREE home consultations. One of our team members will inspect your home and customize a plan for you! Although we can not give you an exact price for your home right now, we can tell you that in the past we have seen Ant Control cost in the OKC area around $80-$500. 

Bed Bug Treatment Costs

One of many people’s worst fears is getting bitten in their sleep… I’m sure you know what we’re talking about. Bed bugs are a huge problem within large populated cities, unfortunately this includes OKC. You can pick up bed bugs pretty much anywhere and bring them back into your home. 

If you notice small red bumps in a line on your skin, blood spots on your bedding, or tiny black dots on your mattress, it is the doing of bed bugs. If you are experiencing any of these signs give us a call today so we can come and conduct a free home inspection. If one of our trusted and certified pest control experts find bed bugs in your home, we will design a bed bug treatment plan for you. Average bed bug extermination prices range from company to company, but you can expect to pay around $300-$5,000 for a bed bug treatment in the greater OKC area. 

Spider Extermination Costs

I think we can all agree that spiders are absolutely terrifying! We aren’t exactly Spiderman, but we can keep your home safe from these eight-legged creatures! Priority Pest strives to not only eliminate the spiders in your home, but prevent them from ever coming back again. Allowing us to spray along the bottom of the inside and outside of your home will help kill spiders before they ever enter. The average cost of spider extermination in the OKC area will range from about $100-$500. Just a small fee to pay to keep these arachnids from setting up camp where they shouldn’t be. 

General Pest Control Costs In OKC Costs

More services are usually offered by pest control companies other than just ant removal, bed bug treatment, and spider extermination. There are also treatments for: termites, ticks, moles, mice, roaches, wasps, and mosquitos. Prices for these home pest control services will vary depending on how large your house is and how many times a year you treat your house. The following prices are estimates only, please call Priority Pest to conduct a free in-house inspection and get your quote today!


For a 1,600-2,000 square foot house: 

  • Single Treatment is usually anywhere from $143 – $298
  • Monthly Treatment: $49 – $73
  • Quarterly Treatment: $93 – $285
  • Annual Treatment: $270 – $483


Different pest control prices in the OKC area:

Choose Priority Pest For Low Pest Control Costs 

At Priority Pest & Mosquito Solutions, we make your home and families’ safety a top priority by providing ongoing, affordable, and effective bed bug pest control support, 24/7. We offer services to eliminate most pests inside and outside your home. This list is just a few of the services we offer. Make sure to check out our website to find a specific pest control service you require. If you are in need, do not hesitate to contact us or schedule a free estimate online. Once we conduct a thorough inspection we will quote you a pest control price. We can’t wait to meet you!


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