Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we have all dealt with pests at one point or another. Part of dealing with pests includes taking a number of preventative steps like maintaining a clean and sanitary area, ensuring your structure has solid insulation, etc. However, a lot of times, life gets busy and pest control seems to be a task that lands on the back burner. Aside from the inconvenient task, some infestations may take a long time to control, and require a professional pest control company. If this is the case for you, and you’re not sure who to call for pest control, then this blog is for you! Here at Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions, we want your business as much as the next pest control company, but we also want to provide our community with the tools necessary to help keep pests out of homes and businesses. That’s why we have created a list of things to do after you’ve asked the question, “who to call for pest control”. 


How to Select A Pest Control Company

So you’ve Googled the question of who to call for pest control services, and we’re sure a list of local pest control companies popped up, but there’s still the question of which pest control company you should pick! You should select a pest control company the same way you would pick any other service: by level of quality and value. Of course the cost and types of services provided are important factors as well, and above all else, choosing a company that is knowledgeable in the field is crucial to maintaining the safety of the building inhabitants and guests. If pesticides are put into the wrong hands, then not only will property be damaged, but your health could take a toll as well. Before selecting who to call for pest control, consider the 5 tips we listed below. 


1. Do your research about the company

Typically once you discover you have a pest infestation, you want to do whatever it takes to rid your property of the pest as fast as possible. Although the idea of spending a few extra days sleeping with some bugs doesn’t sound like the ideal scenario, almost all of the time, it won’t make the infestation terribly worse. Take time to research different pest control companies in your area to find the company that you think will work best with you. During your research, make sure to ask for any free estimates so that you can compare everything from types of services, used products, and potential service costs. Ensure that the company you choose has licensed pesticide applicators or licensed technicians so that you don’t have to worry about posers accidentally spreading the pests instead of getting rid of them. 


2. Look at reviews

Looking at reviews of pest control companies can be very helpful when deciding who to call for pest control services. Seeing how many of their customers are satisfied with their services can either make it or break it for a particular company. 


3. Ask questions

When we say ask questions, we specifically mean to ask questions when you’re speaking to different pest control companies. This would not be the time to ask who to call for pest control services, but rather ask “why should I call you?” The word “you” refers to whichever pest control representative you’re talking to. 


4. Request copies of pesticide labels used

This tip goes along with tip #3 above; ask for copies of pesticide labels that the company uses. Reliable companies will be more than happy to show you all their products and credentials, not a problem. Knowing what kind of pesticides a company uses will also allow you to gauge their level of knowledge and what kind of company they are.


5. Consider a pest control services contract

Most pest control companies offer service contracts which would allow routine pest control services for one or more particular pests. When deciding who to call for pest control services, looking into all your options including different contracts is important. Here are some things you should look for in the contract:

  • Periodic inspections
  • Limited amount of pesticides used
  • A revisal plan in case of a major situation change
  • The scope of the work
  • Agreement lengths
  • State regulation compliance


Pest Control Services with Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions

The next time you find yourself asking who to call for pest control, we hope you’ll think of Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions. We are a local OKC pest control company and we provide a number of different services. Check out our website to see all of our services. We specialize in treating mosquitos, cockroaches, fleas & ticks, gophers & moles, bed bugs, and more. We get that there are no days off when it comes to a pest problem, that’s why we’re open 24/7, 365 days a year! Your safety is our top priority, give us a call, text us, send us an email, or stop by in person and we guarantee that we will take care of your pest problems. Wondering who to call for pest control? Call Priority Pest and Mosquito Solutions to ensure your pest control needs are done right.



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